Analysis of longitudinal samples from the Department of Defense Serum Repository (DoDSR) to identify molecular biomarkers associated with pre- or early-neoplasia in service members with possible expos

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The purpose of this work is to better understand the potential connection between exposure(s) to environmental toxicants and subsequent development of cancer. Epidemiological analysis of existing databases necessary to identify cohorts of service members with specific types of cancer, along with relevant information needed to assess their potential exposure to environmental toxicants, will be conducted. Human serum samples will be selected from a database of service members, retrieved, and shipped to o the William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL; under a separate agreement) where proteomic and/or metabolomic analysis will be conducted. and analyzed to identify i) molecular biomarkers for the early detection of (pre)neoplastic lesions and ii) molecular biomarkers of exposure to environmental toxicants in service members.
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/09/22


  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: $151,437.00


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