Making Academic Promotion Through Sponsorship (MAPS) Program: Addressing Disparities In Academic Medicine Faculty In The Military Health System

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Background: Military family medicine has had a tradition of producing physician leaders who have responded to addressing disparities in physician recruitment, development, and retention. The Military Health System (MHS) Council for Female Physician Recruitment and Retention and the annual MHS Female Physician Leadership Course (FPLC) were implemented to address higher attrition rates of women physicians and the lower percentages of military women physicians serving in leadership positions when compared to military male physicians. Similar to gender disparities, addressing racial/ethnic disparities in medicine will require similar programs. While mentorship is important for career development, sponsorship is essential for career advancement. Some literature suggests sponsorship may be more critical for career advancement for women and ethnic minorities.

Research Questions(s): Does implementation of a formal sponsorship program improve disparities in academic medicine among those underrepresented in medicine?
Short titleMaking Academic Promotion Through Sponsorship Program
Effective start/end date1/04/221/01/25


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