The Pragmatic Assessment of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in the Department of Defense (DoD) (PAIVED)

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This four-year, pragmatic, prospective study will compare the effectiveness of licensed egg-based inactivated influenza vaccines to the effectiveness of two other types of licensed vaccines, the cell-culture based inactivated influenza vaccine and the recombinant influenza vaccine, in the prevention of laboratory-confirmed influenza infection in active duty members, military retirees, and other DoD beneficiaries. Military treatment facilities (MTFs) in the United States will participate in this protocol. Enrollment will be restricted to adults (≥18 years and older) who are preparing to receive seasonal influenza vaccination at participating DoD sites. Subjects will be randomized to receive one of the three licensed influenza vaccines types for evaluation of effectiveness. There is no exclusion for pregnancy, as none of these licensed products are contraindicated in pregnant women.
Effective start/end date6/11/1831/05/24


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