Bone Morphogenic Protein for Upper Extremity Fractures: A Systematic Review

Alexis B. Sandler*, John P. Scanaliato, Sorana Raiciulescu, Leon Nesti, John C. Dunn

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: This review discusses success, time to healing, and complications of bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) 7 and 2 in treating upper extremity nonunions. Methods: Systematic review identified 26 of 479 studies that met inclusion criteria. Publications described application of BMPs to acute and chronic upper extremity delayed unions/nonunions. Unions, complications, patient demographics, and fracture/healing patterns were pooled and analyzed. Results: Nonunions treated with BMP-7 (n=302) involved the humerus (64%), forearm (22%), clavicle (11%), and hand/wrist (3%), with prior surgical correction attempted in 84%. Nonunions treated with BMP-2 (n=96) involved the humerus (58%), hand/wrist (27%), forearm (14%), and clavicle (1%), with prior surgical correction attempted in all. Most nonunions (80%) were present for over 12 months before BMP application. Union rates of BMP-7 varied according to site: hand/wrist (95%), humerus (74%), forearm (29%), and clavicle (6.2%) nonunions achieved union as defined by study authors in 232 days (confidence interval=96-369, Q<0.001) on average. While not significant across studies, BMP-2 union rates were 71% of hand/wrist and 75% of humerus nonunions. Comparison of the BMPs demonstrates different proportions of success in humerus and hand/wrist fractures (P<.001) but not forearm fractures (P<.77) and longer time to radiographic union with BMP-7 (P<.011). Conclusions: Most hand/wrist and humerus nonunions treated with BMP-7 and BMP-2 achieved union, with significant similarity among BMP-7 studies not observed in BMP-2 studies. Nonunions treated with BMP-7 have longer healing times yet similar complication rates compared with BMP-2. Overall, BMPs are an effective adjunct to fracture healing with acceptable complication profile.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)80-88
Number of pages9
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2023
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  • allograft
  • basic science
  • diagnosis
  • distal radius
  • forearm
  • fracture/dislocation
  • hand
  • humerus
  • wrist


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