Hyperlipidemia management for primary care: An evidence-based approach

Brian V. Reamy*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Lipid disorders impact an estimated 42 to 50 million adults in the United States, yet many primary care physicians are not optimally treating this growing population. Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care: An Evidence-Based Approach is a comprehensive resource for primary care providers that offers information and treatment options that can be incorporated with ease into everyday clinical practice. This evidence-based text weighs the benefits of pharmacologic treatments, popular diets, therapeutic foods, herbs and vitamins as a means to manage hyperlipidemia. A section dedicated to treating special populations examines the particular needs of elderly patients, women, athletes and other unique groups. Complete with clinical case studies to illustrate real-life patient scenarios, Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care is a handy reference for any physician seeking clear cut information on this increasingly common condition.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherSpringer US
Number of pages227
ISBN (Print)9780387766058
StatePublished - 2008


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