Prognostic features of Annexin A2 expression in prostate cancer

Shyh Han Tan*, Denise Young, Yongmei Chen, Huai Ching Kuo, Alagarsamy Srinivasan, Albert Dobi, Gyorgy Petrovics, Jennifer Cullen, David G. Mcleod, Inger L. Rosner, Shiv Srivastava, Isabell A. Sesterhenn

*Corresponding author for this work

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ANXA2 (Annexin A2 or Annexin II) is a calcium dependent phospholipid binding protein with diverse cellular functions. While ANXA2 is either absent or expressed focally in the prostate epithelium of well and moderately differentiated tumours, it is highly expressed in a subset of poorly differentiated tumours. Here we examined the association between ANXA2 expression and tumour progression, with consideration of ERG expression status and patient race (Caucasian American and African American). We evaluated ANXA2 and ERG expression in index tumours by immunohistochemistry of whole mounted prostate sections and tissue microarrays derived from radical prostatectomies of 176 patients, matched for long term post-radical prostatectomy follow-up of up to 22 years (median 12.6 years), race and pathological stage. Expression of ERG and ANXA2 was analysed for correlation with grade group (GG), and pathological T (pT) stage. Kaplan–Meier estimation curves were used to examine associations between ANXA2 or ERG expression and biochemical recurrence (BCR) free survival, and distant metastasis free survival. Significant associations were found between ANXA2(+) index tumours and poorest grade groups (GG 4–5, p=0.0037), and worse pathological stage (pT 3–4, p=0.0142). Patients with ANXA2(+) prostate tumours showed trends towards earlier BCR and metastatic progression. ANXA2(+)/ERG(–) tumours were found to be associated with GG 4–5; ANXA2(–)/ERG(+) tumours, with GG 1–2 (p=0.0036). ANXA2 expression was not associated with patient race. The association between high ANXA2 expression and prostate tumours of higher grade (GG 4–5) and stage (pT 3–4) suggests a potential use for ANXA2 as a prognostic biomarker of aggressive prostate cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)205-213
Number of pages9
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2021
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  • Annexin A2
  • Prostate cancer
  • cancer health disparity
  • prognostic biomarker
  • tumour differentiation


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