Real-World Effectiveness of Ustekinumab in Ulcerative Colitis in a United States Multicenter Cohort Consortium

Andres J Yarur, Ryan Ungaro, Katherine Huang, Wenfei Wang, Priya Sasankan, Mir Zulqarnain, Amanda M Johnson, Geoffrey Bader, Carl Kay, Nicholas Costable, David Dulaney, Marc Fenster, Poonam Beniwal-Patel, Gaurav Syal, Anish Patel, Edward Loftus, Joel Pekow, Benjamin Cohen, Parakkal Deepak

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


BACKGROUND: Pivotal trials have shown that ustekinumab is effective in ulcerative colitis (UC). However, the population included in these trials do not represent the cohort of patients treated in the real world. In this study, we aimed to describe the effectiveness and safety of ustekinumab in a clinical cohort of patients with UC.

METHODS: We performed a multicenter retrospective cohort study and included patients with active UC starting ustekinumab. Variables collected included demographics, clinical data, and disease activity (measured using partial Mayo score [PMS] and endoscopic Mayo score) at follow-up. The primary outcomes were cumulative rates of steroid-free clinical and biochemical remission (SFCBR), defined as a PMS <2 while off steroids and a normal C-reactive protein and/or fecal calprotectin.

RESULTS: A total of 245 patients met inclusion criteria. The median time of follow-up was 33 (interquartile range, 17-53) weeks, and 214 (87.3%) had previous exposure to a biologic and/or tofacitinib. Rates of SFCBR, clinical remission, and endoscopic remission at 6 and 12 months were 12.0% (n = 16 of 139), 29.0% (n = 71 of 175), and 18.0% (n = 7 of 39), and 23.8% (n = 15 of 63), 54.3% (n = 57 of 105), and 31.0% (n = 9 of 29), respectively. Non-Hispanic White race, higher baseline PMS, and the use of concomitant corticosteroids were independently associated with failure to achieve SFCBR. Of the 73 that were dose escalated, 28.4% did not respond, 49.3% experienced a benefit, and 21.6% achieved remission.

CONCLUSIONS: In a population enriched with refractory UC, ustekinumab was well tolerated and induced remission in a significant number of patients. Larger studies with a longer follow-up are warranted.

Original languageEnglish
JournalInflammatory Bowel Diseases
StateE-pub ahead of print - 26 Mar 2024


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