Reflections on the Creative Design of an Interprofessional Course in Health Professions Education

Linda Macaulay, Jeanmarie Rey, Dina M. Kurzweil, K. Beth Marcellas

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Interprofessional curricula can be an effective means for students to learn and apply key concepts for a field of study that spans many specialties. However, making a curriculum truly interprofessional requires a number of stakeholders to come together and agree on elements of the course such as content, presentation, and how faculty from diverse training backgrounds can collaborate and make meaningful contributions to the learner experience. Reflective Practice (RP) is a longitudinal interprofessional course designed to teach students in the healthcare professions the metacognitive skill of reflection. This session will describe how the RP course was creatively integrated across multiple domains using the Canvas LMS. The session will provide background on how Design Thinking facilitated mutually beneficial design decisions as faculty worked with an instructional designer to develop a site to house the curriculum and to plan the roles and faculty development within the curriculum. The perspectives of both the instructional designer and the faculty will be shared.

During the session, participants will:
Use design thinking to identify key instructional design considerations for course content,
Employ key elements of professional development for promoting consistency and collaboration amongst faculty who co-teach the course, and
Plan creative strategies for robust and seamless course design, development, delivery and maintenance.
Brainstorm opportunities for their own interdisciplinary/interprofessional courses.
Original languageAmerican English
StateSubmitted - 3 Oct 2023


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