THOR-AABB Working Party Recommendations for a Prehospital Blood Product Transfusion Program

Mark H. Yazer, Philip C. Spinella, Eric A. Bank, Jeremy W. Cannon, Nancy M. Dunbar, John B. Holcomb, Bryon P. Jackson, Donald Jenkins, Michael Levy, Paul E. Pepe, Jason L. Sperry, James R. Stubbs, Christopher J. Winckler

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The evidence for the lifesaving benefits of prehospital transfusions is increasing. As such, emergency medical services (EMS) might increasingly become interested in providing this important intervention. While a few EMS and air medical agencies have been providing exclusively red blood cell (RBC) transfusions to their patients for many years, transfusing plasma in addition to the RBCs, or simply using low titer group O whole blood (LTOWB) in place of two separate components, will be a novel experience for many services. The recommendations presented in this document were created by the Trauma, Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research (THOR)-AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks) Working Party, and they are intended to provide a framework for implementing prehospital blood transfusion programs in line with the best available evidence. These recommendations cover all aspects of such a program including storing, transporting, and transfusing blood products in the prehospital phase of hemorrhagic resuscitation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)863-875
Number of pages13
JournalPrehospital Emergency Care
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2022


  • emergency
  • plasma
  • prehospital transfusion
  • recommendations
  • red blood cells
  • whole blood


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